Friday, January 25, 2008

Why our dog doesn't get a lot of stuffed toys

While the beagle and basset hound in him love his stuffed toys,


the Jack Russell Terrier in him would prefer to thrash his head around,


slamming the toy into the ground, making himself dizzy with the power of destruction.



Jen said...

My dogs do the same thing with toys. They even had that same little stuffed hedgehog. I get them the $.88 toys from Wal-Mart because then I don't care if they rip them up. I pick up all the stuffing and then they play with the skins for another week until those get too ripped up and I throw them away.

Katie said...

Oh, how fun! I have a Jack Russell Mix, and he does the exact same thing!

We get our bigger dog the "refillable" squeaky toys, because he likes to "kill" the squeaker and then quickly loses interest.

Freyja said...

Thanks for the morning giggle!