Friday, January 18, 2008


The weekend has not yet begun for me, but I've never been so excited for it to be over. Not because I want to come back to work (seriously, it's definitely not that) but because by the time I'm back in the office on Tuesday I will have had my first doctor's appointment. I just want to get it over with, for better or for worse. Four more sleeps.

As for symptoms, I started feeling them more yesterday, though that seems to have passed a bit today.
  • Yesterday, my boobs weren't bigger (which would be seriously welcome -- I have tiny boobs, which has always been a source of insecurity for me) but they were sore and felt a lot heavier than usual. That's still sort of true today.
  • Someone asked yesterday if I liked spicy food. Two hours later, I found myself standing at the local Thai place ordering Drunken Noodles with chicken. I'm going to call that a craving, even though it really is just further evidence of my lack of impulse control.
  • I then felt ill for the rest of the day. And I'm going to attribute that to the p-word rather than to overeating greasy takeout.
  • I was so thirsty all day that I drank more than a gallon of water. I normally drink a lot, but it's normally habit rather than a feeling of desperate thirst.
  • And I was so tired that I went to bed at 9:30, which is obscenely early for me. I woke up at 3 because I felt ill and had to pee. I then slept until 7, which is really late for me.

Today? Not as tired, not as thirsty, but I still don't feel great. It's not nausea though; it's more a feeling of being full even when I haven't eaten recently. And it's accompanied by a feeling of faintness, which is not at all normal for me. And even though I'm not that tired, I want to go to bed, though that may just be the knowledge that it will then be only three sleeps to go.


Sara said...

You can do it! Just keep moving forward.

Jen said...

Sounds like symptoms to me! When's your appointment?

I think I might need Thai food tonight too. Yum.

Loren said...

thank you for your kind comment! I've never read your blog before, but I'll have to now that we're so close in (dare I say it?) pregnancies. I hope we can both stay this way! *hugs*
thanks again!!!

Buffy said...

"Yesterday, my boobs weren't bigger"

This is a great line.. :)