Monday, November 5, 2007

In the beginning: pre-July, pre-TTC

We decided a long time ago that we would start TTC in July 2007. My brother got married in October. If we started any sooner and were successful, we would have to tell people before the wedding. My brother (and my now-sister-in-law) deserved to be the center of attention (and definitely expected to be -- they were upset when other people in our family and group of friends planned 2007 weddings after theirs was scheduled, as 2007 was "supposed to be their year"). The concern was my mother.

See, my mother enjoys being the center of attention (she seems to take a perverse pleasure in being the bearer of news, good or bad -- after numerous calls notifying me of the terminal illness or death of a family member, said in such a way as to convey her clearly-covet-worthy-in-her-eyes "in the know" status, I have come to dread seeing her name on the caller ID). We feared that if she knew she was going to be a grandma, THE BABY would be the story for October rather than THE WEDDING. The last thing I wanted was to have her take the mic during the toasts and make some major drunken proclamation to the crowd. Waiting until July seemed like it would allow us to delay telling anyone and avoid any such scenarios.

The last few cycles leading up to July seemed to drag on. I was incredibly busy at work, working 12-18 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays. Each time my period came, I would note how many periods remained until we would try. Clearly, these were exciting times in my life.

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sushilover said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. We definitely have a ton in common from wanting to be a Pediatrician as a child, getting married the summer of 2005 and topping it off with a mother who demands to be the center of attention. Looking forward to reading along. And here's to hoping for a rather short journey for you. :)