Sunday, November 18, 2007


When we last saw our OB, for the 2 week follow-up after the D&E, she reiterated her directive to wait until I got my period back and then had another full cycle before trying again. She also reminded us of the statistics on how long it typically takes couples who are trying and have the right timing and have no known problems to conceive. Finally, she told us that when we got another BFP, whenever we should be so fortunate, we should come in right away, that she would want to do bloodwork, check betas and whatall.

I'm not sure if I want to, though. I hate having blood drawn and am having trouble seeing an upside at this particular moment in time. Last time around, I doubt bloodwork would have shown any signs of a problem. An early ultrasound may have shown something going awry earlier, but we still would have had to wait it out, praying and trying to remain hopeful while we waited for the heart to stop beating. And it's not like seeing nothing obviously wrong in the early stages is really going to give me any great confidence in having a good outcome. So, is earlier knowledge that something is wrong something good? Because it's the only upside I see right now.


Jen said...

Yeah, I am having the same dilemma. I think I have decided I would rather know than worry so much. It was easier for me to deal with the sadness than the terror.

Meg said...

This is hard. I have doubts in blood work numbers, specifically managing the HCG numbers because, in my case, my numbers more than doubled each miscarriage. They doubled each time I got them check...very early on and continued to double after I knew there was no heartbeat. So no, these numbers did nothing for me.

I would opt the next time for maybe a weekly scan just to check in on things-I think it would help me worry slightly less. Even if the scan shows you nothing obviously wrong and you still doubt it least it would maybe get you through another week until the next scan.

Hope this helps. I know where you are at...