Monday, November 19, 2007


As I vaguely hinted at before, I am not feeling too optimistic about this month. Call it magical thinking, superstition, or just a touch of the crazies, but I think on some subconscious level this derives from the fact that we're going to see the Pats take on the Steelers on December 9.

I am a huge Pats fan, as is P. We get to as many games as we can each season, which gets increasingly difficult with each successive year of success. This year, we went to the pre-season game against the Giants in August. That was the the day after the first ultrasound, the one showing something was wrong with the baby's heart and it was probably going to die. We also went to the home opener against the Chargers in September. That was the same week as the second ultrasound, the one showing the baby had died, and only two days after the D&E.

The 9th will be CD32. I will probably test at some point during the preceding week, depending on when I ovulate. I am thinking it will be a BFN, in part because a 2007 Pats game wouldn't be a 2007 Pats game if we didn't get bad reproductive news the week of the game.

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Jen said...

I stopped testing recently. I got tired of spending all the money to see negatives.