Saturday, November 10, 2007

Lame, lame, and fat

Inspired by SarahS-P at The Island, I decided to learn what my Starbucks order says about me. The reality is, I am a lifelong New Englander and, therefore, a Dunkin Donuts girl. Until befriending C, I almost never went to Starbucks, even though there's one in the lobby of my office building -- I won a gift card once and gave it away. Because I am overwhelmed by the ordering process, I usually just order a tall regular coffee. Evidently, this makes me Lame:

Personality type: Lame

You're a simple person with modest tastes and a reasonable lifestyle. In other words, you're boring. Going to Starbucks makes you feel sophisticated; you'd like to be snooty and order an espresso but aren't sure if you're ready for that level of excitement. People laugh at you because you use fake curse words like "friggin'" and "oh, crumb!" Everyone who thinks America's Funniest Home Videos is a great show drinks tall plain coffee.

Also drinks: V8

Can also be found: On the couch at home

I was a bit embarrassed. The paragraph part is pretty off (except the first 2 sentences, which are probably quite accurate), but I do drink v8 every morning and am, in fact, rather likely to be found on that couch.

To spice things up lately, though, I have been ordering Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Evidently, this also makes me Lame. Oh, crumb! But I usually get them nonfat. Apparently, this makes me Fat.

Personality type: Fat

You're always worrying about your weight. That's because you're fat. You're constantly whining about problems that are your own fault. You are a total pain in the ass.

Also drinks: Diet RC Cola

Can also be found: On Jerry Springer

To be fair, I am getting a bit chunky these days. Looks like I'm going to have to switch back to plain coffee.


Jen said...

It sounds like a mean site that does the Starbucks order thing. I am afraid to look at my order. Since I don't like coffee, I usually order a kid's hot chocolate. Has anyone ever found a nice answer?

niobe said...

Yay! My personality type is "fat" as well. Wanna meet up at Starbucks some time?