Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Vacation plans

So, P and I are leaving Thanksgiving night on vacation. We had originally (back when I should have been 20 weeks pregnant on Thanksgiving) planned this as a last pre-kid vacation. Instead, it'll be my first 2WW post-miscarriage. Hopefully it'll make the time go faster.

The itinerary: We leave Thanksgiving night for Vienna, arriving Friday early afternoon. We are in Vienna for a couple of days, then head to the Czech Republic. We will be a couple of days in Cesky Krumlov and a couple of days in Prague. We then head to Budapest. A couple of days later, we head back to Vienna and fly home. The whole trip will be 9/10 days (depending on whether you start counting when we leave home or when we get there).

We are renting a car and driving across a number of borders. I've only done one border crossing on land in Europe, and it sucked -- I am hoping this will be different (the last time I was crossing between Turkey and Greece by bus, and there were a couple of people aboard who were not permitted to cross the border, so every other person aboard had to wait at the border with their luggage while the bus drove them back into Turkey -- I am hoping it won't be like that!). The whole trip already feels rushed, and we haven't left yet. We wanted to try to see a lot of different places, but I think we're going to kick ourselves for having too little time in any one. We can always go back to anywhere we feel shortchanged, I suppose.

Anyone out there traveled to any of these places? Any recommendations?

Also, what am I supposed to do re temping while on an overnight flight? Fertility Friend says that your first day after changing time zones may have a wacky temp but that this won't make a difference unless it's right when you ovulate. I am supposed to ovulate tomorrow or Thursday. So not only will I have the time change affecting my temps, I'm going to be sleeping fitfully and uncomfortably, if at all, on a plane and waking at some unknown hour, which I can only imagine will have a major effect on my temp. Ugh.


Sara said...

Oh my god I'm so jealous!

I think you might just need to accept that your temps are going to be a little wonky on this trip. Do the best you can but try not to let it stress you out.


Jen said...

That sounds like a really fun trip.

My two cents on the temping would be that since you are going to be a little messed up, just make sure you cover all available bases. :)

Rachel said...

Our vacation shortly after our miscarriage was very needed. Your trip sounds wonderful! Enjoy it.