Monday, November 26, 2007


This city, Cesky Krumlov, seems to be filled with children -- they are everywhere. How all these women and men push strollers over the cobblestones is beyond me.

I saw a stroller this morning outside a shop, then heard a baby crying. I finally realized someone had left their infant outside, alone, while they shopped. It broke my heart.


Jen said...

A lot of people in Europe leave the babies outside in their prams while they shop. When I lived in England (years ago) it was becoming less common. But, for years and years, no one saw anything wrong with it.

MissedConceptions said...

I have heard of leaving your dog outside while you shop, but even that breaks my heart.

A baby? Wow.

sushilover said...

Hmmm first thing I thought of is ... well I know now where to "shop" for a baby if I need one! Is that wrong? Hey they're the ones leaving them there though! :)