Friday, November 30, 2007

Comfort Zone

I tend to be wary of trying new things, food-wise. In part, this is due to the fact that I am often unsure whether any given new food has things I don't eat in it (I don't eat beef, pork, seafood/fish -- just turkey/chicken from the world of meats -- I've taken to calling it poultrytarianism). In other part, this is due to my father's lack of adventurousness. Tonight for dinner, we went to a Hungarian buffet, where there was a ton of unfamiliar food, but also Hungarian music and folk dancing, which was why I was willing to brave it.

It was quite awesome. And the food was great. I should do that more.


Jen said...

I like buffets because there are so many different things to eat. I never get tired of eating the same thing.

Katie said...

I am with you on the poultryism, although when I REALLY stop to think about it, I can't figure out why I am okay with chicken and not cow. But I try not to think about it TOO often, because then I would probably stop eating things with families altogether.

And I likes me meat.