Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I am so incredibly hungry all the time. I feel lousy if I don't eat every couple of hours, but not nauseated-lousy; it's more a faint-lousy. So very hungry. What is up with this? It's usually better later in the day/evening, by which time a mild nausea sets in, but from waking until midafternoon I feel like there isn't enough food in the world. Yesterday, I kept feeling like if I didn't have a cookie I was going to scream. I kept putting the cookie off. On my way out of the office, I remembered that the place in the lobby has 1/2 priced baked goods in the afternoon/evening. I had a cookie and a brownie (for $1.66!). And no dinner. This can't be good.


Katie said...

My "morning sickness" is very similar to yours. In the morning, I am pretty hungry, but by afternoon, food sounds awful.

My only problem is that even when I am hungry, I can't really find something that sounds good. Or something might sound good, but then I prepare it, and it doesn't smell/look/taste good. It's very frustrating. I have wasted a lot of foods the past few weeks.

As for the cookie/brownie dinner, my doctor has always told me that when you are suffering from morning sickness, you should eat what sounds good, even if it isn't the most nutritional thing in the world. Our cravings are supposedly tied to whatever nutrients the body is lacking. Maybe baby needed chocolate? :)

Jen said...

Eat the cookies! You have the perfect excuse. I have cookies and brownies here and I think I will have them for breakfast today. Yum.

Meg said...

thank god for the prenatals these first few months to pump in the extra holes of nutrition the cookies and brownies just don't have!

your little one sounds like cookie monster