Saturday, January 12, 2008

Because apparently nothing satisfies me

Beta at 19dpo = 6457

Of course, now I'm scared it's a molar pregnancy, a possibility I had never considered. Just what I needed, something else to worry about.

Alternative explanations:
  • I ovulated earlier than I thought -- definitely possible if my temp on Christmas morning was off. That would make it 21dpo, in which case that would still be high but less so.
  • Multiples. My grandmother was a triplet, and I'm not sure if they run in Ps family. I am a genealogist, so I should probably just check my files.
  • I am just one of those people with hCG levels at the high end of the range.
Please let it be one of those things.

Thoughts anyone? Dr. Google is less help than I would have hoped on this front.


Meg said...

Sounds to me like you are pregnant with a wonderfully high beta and it is natural for you to assume you may have something that happens with 1 in every like million women....;)

Dr. Google is toxic, you know.

sushilover said...

Holy crap! Is that what a real beta looks like? Maybe my doctor is right...compared to you I am not even close to pregnant! :) But seriously I'm so happy for you. I'm hoping for twins for you, at least, I mean if that is what you would be okay with. Imagine having more children that you ever hoped for????!!!! :) Seriously congrats! :)

Katie said...

I say, "Take the FABULOUS beta and run, run, run!"

I think this is a great sign. . .

Future Mommy said...

I'm going to go with what my secret desire is and say TWINS!!! Wouldn't that be fabulous? Anyhow, don't read too much into the numbers either way...just let your doc do his/her job and worry for you.

niobe said...

And whether or not it's multiples, such a high beta is an excellent sign.