Monday, January 7, 2008

Miscarriage News Round-Up: Dec 29 - Jan 7

  • A Massachusetts woman miscarried after becoming ill with listeria, which contaminated a local dairy's milk supply after it was pasteurized. This story scares the crap out of me -- I always thought pasteurized = safe.
  • According to this article, research has shown that a history of spontaneous second trimester loss is correlated with a higher risk of subsequent spontaneous second trimester loss and spontaneous preterm birth. A history of spontaneous preterm birth is also correlated with subsequent spontaneous preterm birth. "The researchers suggest that the biologic mechanism for second-trimester losses may be similar to that of spontaneous preterm birth, possibly related to 'cervical ripening' as a primary event. If so, 'women with second-trimester loss would be candidates for therapy that reduces subsequent preterm birth,' they suggest."
  • The Wisconsin man accused of causing his mistress's miscarriage(s) is now an apparent fugitive. Authorities are moving to revoke his bail. Although his passport was surrendered, anonymous tips place him in India.


Jen said...

Argh with the listeria. Nothing is ever all the way safe, is it?

Katie said...

I sometimes feel as if I am navigating a mine field when I choose my food - especially LUNCH, with all the deli meats, soft cheese, etc.

But I also think that listeria in a pasteurized product is pretty rare. At least, I hope.