Sunday, January 13, 2008


We are expecting 8-12+ inches of snow tomorrow. The mayor has asked people to stay off the streets. Most schools have already closed for the day, even in my small city, where they normally wait until the snow has started to shut down. Given that, what are the chances that the lab will close, making it impossible for me to get my bloodwork done? I'm guessing the chances are slim, but it is going to suck having to get there on the bus/train.

As for symptoms, my boobs are somewhat sore-ish, or at least more so than before. I am drinking a lot of water, but I always do, and I don't seem to be peeing any more than usual. I'm hungry, but I haven't been nauseated for a couple of days. And I'm not really tired.
That's about it.

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niobe said...

Hoping the lab is open and you get your bloodwork done. And maybe even have some time to enjoy (at least looking at) the beautiful snow.