Monday, November 10, 2008

To answer Jen's question, Buddy and Harry get along pretty well. Buddy is convinced that Harry does not smell nearly enough like a dog, so he spends much of his time trying to locate some exposed skin to lick. So Harry gets kissed on the face, the hands, and the feet a ton. Harry, for his part, vacillates between being thoroughly amused -- smiling away -- and pursing his lips and furrowing his brow, showing what I can only guess is his "enough already!" face.

There are a ton of baby toys on the floor, but Buddy leaves them alone. Over the course of his six years, Buddy somehow learned the command "not for dogs," so when a new toy enters the house for Harry that Buddy thinks might be for him, we let Buddy sniff it first while telling him that it isn't for him, and he tends to keep away. Thus far, there's only been one toy that he has really wanted (this one, which Harry doesn't have any interest in yet anyway), so we keep it off the floor. (When our friend's two year old came over after Harry's baptism, she didn't understand the notion of toys that weren't for dogs, so she saw Buddy begging for it and picked it up and held it out to him saying "here, doggie." It was hysterical.)

I wish I could manage to capture a decent photo of the two of them, but someone is always moving :) Aside from the Halloween one, this is about the best I've got:


Jen said...

It's a dog toy! Of course it should belong to Buddy. :)

I'm impressed that Buddy is doing so well keeping away from the toys. I've started spraying all our dog toys with peppermint spray, so hopefully I can explain to them that the peppermint ones are theirs and the other ones are not. I don't know how that is going to work though.

Amanda said...

I can already see that the toy issue will be a big one in our house. The girls are already soooo interested in the toys they've seen come through the house. It doesn't help that baby toys and dog toys both have different textures and noises to interest them.

That is so cute that Buddy wants to give Harry so many kisses!!