Saturday, November 15, 2008

More Aerodynamic?

We discovered at the pediatrician yesterday (I want to call her "the vet" every time -- what is wrong with me?) that Harry prefers to do tummy time naked. He actually enjoys it rather than merely tolerating it for a few minutes then exploding in cries of frustration. So tonight, we laid out a towel on the bathmat and had him do tummy time before his bath. Not only did he keep going until he got tired from all the activity and decided to just lie there, sucking his thumb, but he was actually mobile -- he managed to get his knees up under his stomach and chest and slowly move himself forward several inches. And he almost pitched himself over completely two or three times -- he kicked his lower half up, but his arm and shoulder kept him from rolling any further.

As much as it is exciting that he seems to be developing properly, it makes me very sad that he may not be our little baby for as long as I would have hoped. I know a woman whose son was cruising before he hit six months (and crawling long before that), and it turned him into a very independent little boy who only needs to be held when something goes awry. She found it sad not to be needed, and I don't blame her. There's something to be said for being so essential in such a natural and healthy way in someone else's life.


Jen said...

It sounds like he is planning on being ahead of the curve! He'll always need you though.

Amanda said...

I'll have to remember the naked tummy time when my boys comme. Yay for being advanced!

Jen's right, he'll always need you.

sushilover said...

ooooooooh so glad you found Harry's tummy time niche. Even though I can understand your pain of him growing so quickly. Don't worry he still needs his mom :)