Thursday, November 6, 2008

Lessons Learned Today

A few things I learned today:
  1. Apparently, I cannot look at or talk to Harry while he's nursing, as doing either one causes him to get a big grin on his face that doesn't go away until I stop looking/talking, and this causes milk to dribble everywhere and keeps him from eating.
  2. I cannot unhook my nursing bra and remove the nursing pads before having the pump set up and ready to go, as apparently the unhooking alone triggers my letdown, resulting in a big, wet mess. I hate wasting milk.
  3. Maybe having a cold really does affect infant weight gain. He had a cold for about ten days, starting around the 16th and ending around when I got the 9 lb 3 oz weight. I weighed him again Monday using the aforementioned method, and he weighed 10 lbs 3 oz. I did so again today -- 10 lbs 6 oz. That is 25 ounces in 28 days, which is perfectly acceptable. If I find somewhere that has an infant scale I can use, I'll probably do as Nicky suggested, though (thanks Nicky!), as I remain curious as to how much he takes in at each feeding.


DD said...

Ditto to #1. Even worse is when she turns her head to look at me and doesn' gods!

#2 actually will get better. My boobs had no control over themselves. Now, they give me a little time to get everything into place.

Nicky said...

Heh -- like dd says, LL has the uncomfortable habit of turning his head (often quite suddenly) without letting go. And when I yelp in protest, he just looks confused and squirms some more.

Jen said...

I'm sure it is annoying, but I think it is so cute that he likes you so much more than milk. :)

mo*reezy said...

Seriously, that is so sweet that Harry loves you so much. Oy.

Oh, and at Maria's 2 month check up, she's gained 25 ounces in a little over one month. She was declared perfect. Hope that continues to help put your mind at ease about Harry's weight gain.