Friday, November 14, 2008


Harry had his two month appointment with the pediatrician today. (Speaking of whom, I really like her. She's great. I'm glad we did interviews as her practice wasn't one that anyone we knew used so we probably wouldn't have chosen her if we hadn't been committed to speaking to someone at each practice in our town.)

On the positive side, she seemed impressed with his meeting of developmental milestones, specifically how verbal (and smiley!) he is and how well he did at tummy time (he was trying to roll over by pushing off on one leg). And, as usual, she commented on how wide-eyed and alert he is.

On the negative side, he had to have three shots and the oral rotavirus vaccine. It was terrible to watch. He cried and cried from the shots (he liked the oral vaccine -- yum). He stopped right away when I picked him up, which was reassuring. But it was terrible to see him in pain. And he's been doing a lot more crying than usual today, including while nursing, which is difficult for me emotionally. That said, he is sleeping like a log right now.

His stats:

23.5 inches long -- 75th percentile
10 lbs 6 oz -- 25th percentile
15.75 inch head circumference -- 5oth percentile

So, he has held steady percentile-wise, which is what they want to see. For now, he remains long and lean. (Though I think his weight was at its low point since he had just spat up most of his breakfast and had just peed when they weighed him. If we weighed him several times during the day, he'd probably average to closer to 10-9, I'd guess.)


Jen said...

I wish they could come up with pain free shots! That always seems so unfair to babies that don't understand!

I'm happy that he's doing so well though!

mo*reezy said...

I know - Maria's legs were so tender she screamed if you even brushed a blanket against her that afternoon. Poor babies! Harry sounds perfect and I hope the pediatrician's assessment helped put your minds at ease!

Nicky said...

Glad the appointment went well! Our 2-month appt is on Wednesday, and I'm nervous for all the shots. Long and lean is nice; if LL takes after his parents, he'll trend towards the short and pudgy. :)