Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

(My dad with his dad)

I have always loved singing, despite my not-so-great voice. As a kid, I sang in the church youth choir and also in the school chorus. In middle school, my friends and I started an a capella group that had actual gigs, and I sang lead on a few songs. In college and for a few years after, I sang in a gospel choir. So now that I have a captive audience -- and because I hope to foster in him the same love of music, even if he too lacks any real talent -- I have been singing quite a bit. The sad part, though, is that I only really know single lines and verses, little snippets, a bit of the melody of many of the children's songs I know. And, even though Harry doesn't know any better, I find that embarrassing.

(my dad with me)

(My dad with Harry)

So, a few weeks ago, I went online and googled children's music lyrics and came upon this site. As I scrolled through the lyrics available, I quickly realized that for many of the songs there, I heard them in my head. And the voice I heard singing was my dad's. Traditional children's songs like Pop Goes The Weasel, Row Row Row Your Boat, Teddy Bear's Picnic. Patriotic songs like Caissons Go Rolling Along, The Marine Hymn, Off We Go Into the Wild Blue Yonger -- random for a man who never served in the military due to severe allergies. My mom was the one who read me stories at night, but my dad marched me to bed each night, carrying me over his shoulder, singing as we went. He isn't a great singer -- much of his singing is more like a whisper over the hint of a tune -- but, like me, he sang anyway. And for that I say thanks dad! And happy 67th birthday!


mo*reezy said...

it's the best gift my dad (and mom) gave me - playing and singing music ALL THE TIME every day while I was growing up. I'm so glad you have that sensory memory of hearing your dad's voice. THe more you expose Harry to melody, the better.

Jen said...

I have no musical talent. At all. I have put Matt in charge of all of the baby's musical education.

Happy birthday to your dad!

Nicky said...

What an awesome website! (Who knew that Do Your Ears Hang Low had FOUR verses? I only knew the first one!)

I've been singing the same 3 songs to LL over and over and over... and one of them is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, so you know I'm pretty desperate.

(As a total aside: my dad turns 67 next week!)

Stephanie, Phil, Kayla, Logan & Alex said...

A love for music is one of the best gifts you can give your kids. :) I still sing every night with my youngest.


WiseGuy said...

Just looking at the pics is amazing...Wow!