Sunday, December 30, 2007

CD22, 7dpo

This is that crappy time of month where I sit around and wait until it starts becoming rational to POAS. I'm trying to hold out until Saturday, which would be 13dpo, but I know I lack self-restraint (and am not sure I didn't ovulate a day earlier, on CD14), so we'll see. (This is also that time of month where I imagine that everything happening in and around my body is a sign that I am pregnant rather than a sign that I am obsessing and losing it, but I'm going to ignore this issue for now.)

It's sad to me that tomorrow is New Year's Eve and I have no real plans other than not drinking on the off chance I might be pregnant or might have a chance of becoming pregnant in the coming days. It seemed as though no one we knew had plans, so I think my brother and SIL and a few other friends may be coming to our place and then heading to the city to see fireworks at midnight. I wish we had a child (or that I was still pregnant) so we would have an excuse for having such a lame NYE. Maybe next year.


sushilover said...

I hear you on the two week wait. And don't you just love trying to explain to someone why exactly you are not drinking if you are not pregnant. It's probably the thing I hate most. Only one of my friends has gotten to understand my cycles where when I say hey let's go out for a drink she knows this opportunity doesn't come around but once a month. Sigh... Here's hoping this is your month. I'm crossing fingers.

Katie said...

You know. . . you CAN get BFPs earlier than 13 DPO. I can never hold out that long!

Waiting, hoping, and praying that THIS is your cycle!

Jen said...

I had the longest two week wait of all time this month. And I don't even know why! I had almost no chance this month but the time just dragged by.

My husband and I usually do nothing for New Year's Eve. We are usually asleep by 10:30pm. It is great, try it!

Melissa said...

Ah, yeah - 7dpo is around the time I begin to lose my sanity as well. The 1ww drives any TTC'er out of her mind.

I think it's great that you plan to hold off on testing until 13dpo. I always cave much earlier than that. But, then again, I usually have a huge (50+ count)stockpile of HPTs sitting in my closet. You can say I'm a tad bit obsessed.

Anyway, GOOD LUCK this cycle. Here's hoping your New Year's sobriety efforts are not in vain.