Thursday, December 6, 2007

CD28, 12dpo

So, because I have gone off the deep end, I POASed using a cheapie internet test strip yesterday and today, and both were negative. My now pregnant friend, though, used the same test strips a month ago and got BFNs repeatedly until one morning she got a very faint BFP. When at the doctor's office that same day, she had them run a blood test, and her HCG was at 200, which suggests that the test strips are not altogether as sensitive as they claim, or she had a doubling time of, like, an hour.

Because I am in fact losing it, I went to CVS today in the middle of the afternoon to buy a better (read: more expensive) HPT. It is sitting in my desk drawer, taunting me. I like that if you're pregnant, it says "Pregnant," but fear having to face the reality that it might in fact quite explicitly declare me "Not Pregnant." Now I'm trying to figure out how long I have to wait to get to the afternoon equivalent of FMU, which is, obviously, a ridiculous question.


Jen said...

Ah, I feel your pain. That's what I think every time I get a negative result. Now, did you get more than one expensive test? If you got two, then absolutely use one RIGHT now and save the other for tomorrow. I can never just buy the box with only one in them for this very reason.

dmarie said...

So sorry about the negative. I'll definitely check in on you tomorrow.

sushilover said...

Rooting for you!