Thursday, October 18, 2007

Endorphin kick

I spent a good part of today crying at my desk (man am I glad I have my own office). Nothing much happened to bring it on -- I just alternated between weepiness and full-on sobbing for surprisingly long chunks of time. Awesome. I realized at some point that I had felt pretty down yesterday too, after having felt generally less terrible for more than a week. (At least yesterday there was a possible reason -- I finally responded to the email I received more than two weeks ago from a close, old friend letting me know she was pregnant with her first and, of course, due the week I should have been.) I went to the gym this afternoon, as I had every week day for the past week and a half with the exception of yesterday. And I felt a lot better afterwards. I got some work done, which I had been struggling to do all day. Am I actually needing an exercise-induced endorphin kick to get through my days?

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Katie said...

First off, I am sorry for the day of tears. I have had more than my share of those. They suck. But I have to give you kudos for getting to the gym. I think that it can do wonders for your psyche. I say I think that it can, because I am never good about getting to the gym, but I do know it's good for you! I hope tomorrow is a better day.