Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Feeling like a Hobbit

I had a bowl of cereal for breakfast at 7:30, which is not an uncommon breakfast for me. Normally this tides me over until 11, at which point I begin the countdown until it's an acceptable hour for lunch (that acceptable hour has gotten earlier and earlier lately. My high school had a lunch period at 11:20, which has apparently affected my judgment). Today, by 10, my stomach was growling, making second breakfast necessary. I'm currently working on a piece of whole grain toast and a yogurt.

Separately, I waited for P to leave for work this morning and pulled out the doppler. I found the heartbeat right away (as in within seconds), in the same spot as Monday, but with less of my own mixed in. DBTs are subsiding a bit. I also slept a lot better the last two nights, which is helping as well.


Jen said...

I am always for Hobbit meals.

I am glad the heartbeat is still sounding good. And I am glad that you slept better. A post full of good news!

Meghan said...

Hobbit is a great description. I eat two breakfasts. One before I leave the house and one when I get to work. This way anyone who sees me thinks it's just 1....very sneaky

sushilover said...

Just think of it like this: 1 breakfast for you...and one for the baby :) Makes complete sense to me. So glad you are getting at least some sleep now.