Wednesday, February 6, 2008

8w4d: The 6w2d ultrasound images

My original second appointment was scheduled for the 4th, which would have been earlier this week. The receptionist then decided that I shouldn't come in again that soon and moved it to the 11th. P is convinced that if I ask to have the appointment moved up, the office will think I am demanding and fire us as patients. Therefore I haven't asked. I can suck it up until Monday.

Part of my anxiety stems from the fact that, to me, my first ultrasound didn't look quite right. Yes, we saw a heartbeat, but there seemed to be other things in the sac with the baby and the yolk sac, things the midwife described as "and don't worry about the rest of that." Of course, since the initial elation wore off, all I've done is worry. This is another thing P thinks they will fire us as patients if I call to ask about. So I'll ask all of you. Do these ultrasounds (one bigger, the other with the heartbeat and therefore smaller but with a somewhat clearer view) look normal to you? Can anyone describe what all everything is in here?

In this one, she said the thing being measured was baby, the thing to its left was yolk sac, and the thing that looks like a kangaroo kicking it in the back was the thing not to worry about.

This one, the heartbeat is on the bottom. But the ultrasound above it looks clearer, so you can see that the tail of the kangaroo looks to be attached to the wall, creating some sort of fluid-filled-bubble-like structure to my untrained eye, which makes the whole shape look less kangaroo-like.

You can help me sleep much better for the next five nights (well four, since I'm heading to bed now and any thoughts you might have won't reach me until tomorrow) if you can provide any insight. Even if the insight is negative (e.g. that is a sign of a failing pregnancy, or some such thing), please let me know. I don't deal well with limbo.


Katie said...

First off, who the heck is the receptionist to decide when you should come in next? How many miscarriages has SHE had?

Just some assvice here, but I think that you should talk to your doctor. Let her know how nervous you are and that you would like more frequent checks. Really, a good doctor likes being there for his or her patients.

I don't really know what that extra "stuff" is in the sac. It could be the start of the placenta? I think that even if you don't move the appointment up, you, you should call and ask her to clarify what exactly the "stuff" you shouldn't worry about is. That way, you won't worry - as much.

Jen said...

First off, let me say how absolutely beautiful and intelligent your child is.

I never got to see anything on my ultrasounds, so I don't know what the extra stuff is. Frankly, if the nurse said not to worry, you probably don't need to worry. (Ha! Like you'll be able to stop worrying!)

Let the doctor's office fire you! You aren't asking for things that are unreasonable. If they are going to kick you out for this, you don't want to go there anyway! Call them and ask! I called my OB's office over and over again before they had even seen me once. They never had a problem with it and I would have gone somewhere else if they did. If they aren't going to reassure you, find someone that will. Doctoring is a business just like anything else and you have to be a satisfied customer or you can take your insurance money elsewhere.

MissedConceptions said...

I am with Jen and Katie.

The office is not going to fire you. It is not a job; they are providing a service. ANY doctor will understand why you are nervous and letting you come in for more frequent checks is not that big of a deal.

Call. Now. You will feel better.
They are usually willing to do extra u/s, too, which could easily ally some of your fears.

sushilover said...

Oh Kay, your ultrasound seriously made me smile :) The first thing I thought was "she's going to make it, I just know it". So although you are worried about this I wanted to share this with you.
Personally I would call back and ask to have the doctor explain the "stuff" to you. She shouldn't have ever said that without some explaination. And TRUST ME there are many far more annoying women out there bugging them already. It's just the nature of their business. You should not be afraid of asking for information about your own body or your child's! I'm sure it will end up being nothing :)

niobe said...

I agree with what everyone else has said. Call whenever you want. Ask all the questions you need to. Their job is not only to provide medical care, but to explain everything to you so you know what's going on and can make informed decisions about your own care. Most doctors are very understanding when you explain that you're worried because of a previous loss. And if this practice isn't, you should find one that is.

SaraS-P said...

I never could recognize most things in my ultrasounds, but I like to think it is just normal attachment stuff. I would call if you are worried. As others have said, it is the doc's job to help you.

Katie said...

Hey, I wanted to let you know that I was looking over my earlier ultrasounds - and you know what? I had some similar stuff in there, too. If you want, I can e-mail you the picture.

Future Mommy said...

Ok, I have ZERO experience with reading ultrasounds, so I can't help out there.

But what I can say is that a RECEPTIONIST has no right to make judgment calls on appointment timing, and if a doctor's office would dare to fire you, you don't belong at that doctor. THE NERVE!

Let us know the second you get back from your appointment tomorrow how it went. And I hope you give the idiot at the front desk a piece of your mind while you're there. I just can't understand what she would have been thinking.

Manda said...

CALL THEM. They can't fire you. It's their job to talk to you about your medical results!! CALL!