Thursday, April 17, 2008

Monday's Ultrasound

So, we had our Level II ultrasound Monday. Everything looked good, according to the radiologist and the tech. (Apologies to anyone who was worried when I didn't post right away -- been working awful hours this week.) We saw the little hands and feet, the bladder, the stomach, all four chambers of the heart, the blood flowing in and out of the umbilical cord, and the spine and ribs. And they took a lot of measurements of the lengths of the bones in the arms and legs and the size of the skull. The radiologist said we'd get more info when we met with our regular doctor, but we don't have our next appointment for 2 weeks, and that appointment is with the midwife rather than the OB. I assume we'll still cover the details then, since Memorial Day (which is when our next doc appt is) seems awfully far away.

The baby is much higher up than I expected -- at or around my belly-button already, which I suppose explains why said body part is getting shallower and shallower (I don't want to lose my innie!). Crazy. And baby was very wiggly -- the doctor had some trouble getting some shots/measurements. We didn't get to see him/her in 3D, as s/he was covering his/her face with his/her small hands and arms most of the time, but we got some pictures in 2D. Sadly, most are a little fuzzy-looking (and have the aforementioned hands in front of/arms across face problem), and my computer crapped out this morning while finishing the scan and upload, so I've only got the worst of the lot ready for sharing. I'll post more later.

18w1d 1

Oh, and in case it wasn't obvious from that horrific sentence filled with him/hers, we're waiting until September to find out the sex.


sushilover said...

Even though you didn't get any good pictures, yay for a wiggly baby!!! That is very good news. Post more pics when you can..CONGRATS!

Jen said...

Perfect! (I was worried!) I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures.

mo*reezy said...

Well, I wasn't worried, but I was curious! What great news. And that "worst" picture is better than anything we got, even what I considered the best. WONDERFUL!

niobe said...

So glad to hear that everything looks good. And, actually, even the picture looks good.