Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Some new Sandra Bullock/Ryan Reynolds film was filming across the street from my office late last week and yesterday. Traffic has been ungodly, and the police have been ticketing cab drivers who stop outside the strict boundaries of the cab stand, which seems wrong since frequently more people are in need of cabs than the number of cabs that will fit in the stand itself. I'm glad there's been something decent in the cafeteria for lunch, since I'm guessing there are long lines at all the local lunch spots, since there doesn't seem to be space to set up much of a spread for the crew. (And there's a lot of crew -- four blocks of trucks of equipment worth of crew.)

This is the third movie to have filmed within a block of my office in the past year or so. It's really not that cool of a location, people. I know studios were filming in Canada for a while, but with the collapse of the U.S. dollar and the near parity in the exchange rate, I suppose the need for work permits to film in Canada makes staying in country more appealing. Especially so for a movie like this that supposedly involves an exec forcing her assistant to marry her to keep her from being deported back to Canada. Oh the woe.

That said, one of my assistants spotted Sandra Bullock yesterday and came back to report to the rest of us. To be honest, I'd prefer a Ryan Reynolds sighting.


Jen said...

That sounds annoying. But at least somewhat interesting.

Geohde said...

Where do all those people fit their vehicles? Surely the police must be on a ticketing bonanza? Not just for the taxis?

When I've seen movies with my own city in them, I can't say that I even recognised the fact- makes me wonder how they make somewhere familiar look so, well, un-familiar,