Thursday, April 17, 2008

I thought I had lost the capacity for true emotional shock

But apparently I was wrong.

For [Yale] senior, abortion a medium for art, political discourse

Setting aside any moral reaction, I nearly passed out when I read this from the emotional shock.

Okay, screw setting aside a reaction. Politically, I believe that the government shouldn't involve itself in people's medical decision-making (i.e. I am firmly pro-choice). Morally, though, I think this is truly f*cked up. Truly and completely. And I honestly can't imagine doing this, wanting to do this, or being capable of doing this.

I feel the need to take a shower now.


Jen said...

I am disgusted that the school at least didn't do something about this. I really don't even see this as pro-choice. She did it on purpose. That's not what pro-choice is for.

Dr. Grumbles said...

I gasped.

And did it again.

I am pro-choice.

But you DO NOT aand SHOULD NOT create a life simply to destroy it!

As Jen points out, this is NOT what that choice is for.

mo*reezy said...

Her choice was to create and kill babies, again and again. There was no desperation, no last-resort, no remorse, no careful consideration, no internal struggle in her choice. She makes me want to gag. Good thing God can forgive her, because my humanity won't let me.

D.C. Tigress said...

. . .

I am left speechless.

That just makes my heart hurt.