Thursday, September 24, 2009

Update on the Last Post

They retrieved 9 eggs on Tuesday, of which 4 fertilized. She is pretty upset, as they got 16 last time, of which 11 fertilized. (Of course, last time her transfer got cancelled due to OHSS.) Transfer is scheduled for Friday. My fingers remain crossed for them. Keep yours crossed too.


Megan said...

Will do.

Resplendentquetzal said...

I keep thinking about her. Alot.
We only got 7 eggs, 2 of which matured enough to be usable, and now we're pregnant with twins. So it does work. Believe it or not. I was so pessimistic going in it's unbelievable. I'll keep my thoughts and prayers going!

Karen and Shane Ellison said...

Your friend's IVF dates are the exact same as mine....Fingers crossed for them (and for myself...LOL)!!