Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Time for a Change?

Over the years, when recruiters have called, I have always just said I wasn't looking.

Today, I told one to call back in a few weeks. I need some time to gather my thoughts.


mo*reezy said...

Yikes... hope it all works out as best it can.

Nicky said...

No harm in looking around. And if you find something that excites you, so much the better!

missedconceptions said...

Hmmmm ... still in the same field?

Shinyung said...

It's a sign -- but not a bad one. Change can be wonderful. Best of luck with it. = )

serenity said...

There's no harm in listening and interviewing. At the very best you find a new opportunity which excites you. At worst you remember that your job isn't all THAT bad.

Good luck!