Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Becoming Picky

If Harry could eat the same thing every day, I'm pretty sure this is what his menu would look like:

Breakfast: Yogurt, english muffin, fruit. A soy sausage every other day.

Lunch: Grilled cheese on wheat bread, fruit.

Dinner: Pasta with red sauce, peas, fruit.

I actually think he would gladly eat just yogurt and fruit (with no major preference regarding what fruit -- berries, pineapple, melon, banana, kiwi, peaches, pears, plums -- he loves them all, and more). I've started mixing veggie purees into his morning yogurt to try to get some more veggies into him. And he does eat other food (I try not to indulge the pickiness, which often results in very little dinner), but it's often a struggle.

For tomorrow's lunch at day care, I packed a veggie dog, some cheese cubes, some wax beans (which he won't eat for us, but maybe he will for her), some watermelon, and half a mini-bagel (which I may trade for an english muffin at the last minute, as he prefers the muffin, but it seems like a lot of food). Miss M provides lunch for the kids, but we pack Harry's -- they are all very picky toddlers, so they tend to do a lot of chicken nuggets and fries, pizza, grilled cheese, etc., and I'd rather avoid him eating that much fried food (and avoid him developing a taste for it).

He used to be such a great and adventurous eater (he tried parsnips and used to love beets). Are those days gone, or just on hiatus?
ETA: I spoke too soon. This morning, he rejected fruit too, only eating yogurt. The rest, as usual, was tossed to the floor, making Buddy very happy.


HereWeGoAJen said...

Even our dogs have started becoming picky about what is thrown on the floor. They will no longer eat things like Cheerios. Maybe something is going around?

Mommy, Esq. said...

Welcome to Toddlerhood. But my kids do eat better for the nanny than me so I let her give them the healthier foods. :)

Nicky said...

We're going through the same thing, and our pediatrician says to keep trying, but expect very little success for the next two years or so. LL used to eat *everything*, but now his repertoire is narrowing day by day.

We're not helped by the fact that his favorite and most comprehensible phrase is "All done!", so he says it constantly because it's fun, and then we all feel obligated to go along with it.

If we let him, he'd survive on yogurt, oatmeal, cheddar cheese, and cantaloupe.

niobe said...

I am such a picky eater myself. In fact, Harry's proposed menu sounds pretty much like my idea meal plan. Except I'm not all that fond of peas.

Amanda said...

The boys would live off of yogurt. No really, they would.

Danifred said...

Tot used to love things like avocados and kiwi... now, the little preschooler snubs her nose at almost anything. Apparently, it's cool not to like what your parents want you to eat.