Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11

P and I were on our way to work. I still remember what road we were driving down. The DJ was talking between songs and the phone in the booth rang. He answered, as it was one of the producers. All the producer said at first was "Stop broadcasting." The DJ didn't understand. After a few moments, the producer was able to get the DJ to understand what had happened, that a plane had flown into the World Trade Center. And that was all we knew, because that was all anyone knew. I got to work before the second plane crashed. We were sent home by mid-morning.

I read something earlier today that expressed much of my own sentiment regarding this day in a far better way than I ever could, but now I can't find it. Until I locate it, I'll just note that I'm glad Lou stayed put today. That's just too much baggage to enter the world with.


Newt said...

Hiya, K! I'm just getting caught up, and wanted to let you know I'm sending good thoughts to you and Lou for an easy and healthy delivery soon.

I'm glad she didn't show up yesterday, too. The 11th is my sister's birthday, and she doesn't much like it. ((hugs))

Nicky said...

As uncomfortable as I am, and as anxious to go into labor already, I was also much relieved as 9/11 slipped away with no baby. Baggage indeed.

9/12, though... certainly nothing wrong with that. Hint hint.

Jen said...

I totally agree. I remember on September 11th, thinking how awful it would be for people who had their birthdays that day.