Tuesday, September 2, 2008

38w2d: Continuing to count the days

I'm still here, and it's looking less and less like Lou will be making an early appearance. Apparently my colleagues may get their wish of having me work through the 12th. I'm trying to decide whether I should keep working the following week if Lou is late.

As of right now, no dilation. Cervix is soft, but that's about it. And Lou's head seems to have retreated from whatever descent it had made. Without a single contraction, I have no idea how any progress will be made, but I suppose it will happen eventually -- as the midwife noted, no baby stays in forever, despite what the tabloids may write. Her only advice was to walk every day for 30+ minutes, which I'm happy to do. The only issue is that we live on a street that is halfway up a steep hill, so either the start or end of every walk absolutely sucks (or I have to just walk up and down our very short street many, many times), but I'm willing to grin and bear it if it increases the chances of getting things moving.

I just want to feel my fingertips again!


mo*reezy said...

Oof, I obviously understand how you're feeling right now... I'm glad you posted an update - I was starting to wonder.

I say DON'T go back to work, unless you absolutely have to.

I'm off to the OB in an hour.

Meghan said...

I'm so impressed you're working up until the 12th. I was planning on working until the baby just fell out but without a desk job, it's just too hard. This will probably be my last week.

And I'm with you on the walking--I've been lame and do it at the mall for the AC, just need to remember to leave my wallet in the car ;)

Jen said...

I hope things start moving soon, for your sake!

Anonymous said...

As someone who went early, try and savor this time with the baby on the inside.

I had a hard pregnancy, and as soon as the baby was out, I missed having him inside me.

Also, I know this sounds lame, but get as much sleep as you can now because you will get none for months afterwards.

Nicky said...

As much as I've been whining about being bored now that I'm off work, I say definitely start your maternity leave before the 12th. Yes, I'm a bit bored. But I also feel so much better, physically, without the drain of being at work all day (and having the freedom to nap when I need to in the afternoon).

My walking has been mainly pacing around my house, since it's so hot outside. So I'm all for many, many very short walks. :)

Melissa said...

I'm sorry that not much progress has been made - definitely keep up with the daily walks. Hopefully that will get things started.

About work, I would totally leave after this week. I'm sure you could use the extra days at home for last-minute preparations, even if it's just cooking meals for freezing or just to get plenty of sleep.

Hopefully the baby will make its grand debut sooner rather than later. Wishing you all the best - can't want to read your birth story!