Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I feel like I have a big backlog of posts that I wrote in my head while our internet connection was spotty, but now I'm super busy at work and haven't had time to write them down. Hopefully later this week.

For now, I'm excited to be in the second trimester. Mainly just because it's a quick and easy way to mark of the passage of time -- some time has passed, and now there is less to go. Certainly not because I have any sense of safety. I am also starting to look fatter (not so much p-word, but I look especially lumpy if I wait to long to pee), so I'm realizing that we should probably start telling more people before they ask. If anyone has any creative suggestions, let me know. We were hoping to be able to tell people as we see them, but the next time we'll see one of our groups of friends is at a baby shower for one of them, and that just feels like the wrong place to tell people -- it's not my damn event. And a lot of our other friends live far away, and we're not likely to see them for a long time.

Separately, I had my monthly pee-in-a-cup/blood-pressure-check/weigh-in appointment yesterday, and it was pretty uneventful, which was fantastic in itself. I've gained 2 pounds so far, though I think it looks like more -- I loathe bloating. I heard the heartbeat again -- 158bpm. Everything seemed fine, which felt surreal. They set up my next three appointments while I was there, which seems very future-oriented, which still seems strange to me. Assuming I'll still be pregnant in late May seems decidedly optimistic and wholly inconsistent with the uber-guarded and reserved approach I've been taking about this whole affair.

They also told me to call today to schedule my "big ultrasound" for the week of April 14. The echoes continue for me between this pregnancy and the last -- my due date for the last was April 13, and that same week we'll get to find out if this one has all his/her necessary parts. And my due date continues to be September 14, which is one year to the day after the D&E. Strange.


Jen said...

Yeah, I agree that you shouldn't steal the thunder at the other baby shower. Unless you could tell everyone way at the end and your friend doesn't mind. Maybe you could send out a cute email to everyone.

I'm so glad that everything is going so well this time. Hooray!

mo*reezy said...

Hey there,
I don't remember how I got to your blog but I have enjoyed reading through some of your posts. I have the same due date, too! I will hope for continued peace for you for the next several months!

Ms. Infertile said...

So glad to hear that your appointment went well. I also like the idea of sending an email to those long-distance friends. Im sure you could find a way to make it cute and almost as good as telling in person.

sushilover said...
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sushilover said...

omg! I can't believe you're already in the 2nd trimester! congrats! I can imagine how weird it is about all the future planning but hang in there, I'm sure you'll be out shopping for some boppy or something in no time :) This truly is super exciting!