Saturday, March 8, 2008


So our internet connection is finally up and stable again (plus, Com*cast put in a new cable modem and phone line today), so there may be another flurry of posts from me.

Last Monday, at 12w1d, I had my NT scan. We weren't sure we were going to do it, but decided to do it in part because our insurance said they'd cover it (here's hoping they actually do) and we wanted the extra peek at the baby. We went to a different ultrasound place than last fall and were much happier with the experience, and not just because of the better outcome. They had snacks and drinks and magazines. The wait was short, the staff was friendly, and the place just felt more welcoming -- less like a factory and more like a place I didn't mind spending time.

Everything looked good. The baby looked like a baby. It was pretty unbelievable. The heartrate was 167. S/he had two legs and two arms, and at least one hand with all its fingers (we didn't get as good a look at the other). S/he looked a bit cramped up in there, so after a while the tech had me empty my bladder, after which s/he was moving all over the place, stretching and doing what P was sure were sit-ups. We got to spend 30 full minutes watching him/her move around. I most definitely cried a little. And we got five pictures. Here are two:

The tech thought the first was a better profile shot, but this one sorta cute since s/he's sucking his/her thumb (or at least putting hand to mouth):

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Jen said...

Yeah! I am so glad that everything is going so well. And such a fantastic baby, too!