Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

Leftover time!
  • Harry's 18 month appointment was yesterday. I think their scale was off (does it affect the scale reading if the child just doesn't feel like sitting on the scale and therefore sits on the very edge?), as there's no way he gained 4 pounds in the months since he was there for his ear infection. Our home scale suggested he had gained more like 1.5 pounds, which seems more reasonable.
  • In preparation for being asked follow-up questions regarding his language development, we made a list of the words he knows. It turns out, he knows (and uses with some regularity) 52 words (I thought it was 51 but forgot blocks)
  • So that I don't forget, those words are: mama, dada, dog, book, kitty cat ("kee-ca") (we call that animal "cat", so I have no idea where that came from), sea star, bubble, phone ("pone" -- he has moved past "bau"), car, truck ("kuck"), cow, moo ("boo"), quack, duck, baa (sheep sound), maa (goat sound), frog, outside ("a-side"), cup, ball, apple (refers to a variety of fruits), broccoli ("brocs" or "brocca"), hot dog, keys, cheese ("kees," though he thinks it means camera), eye, ear, hat, boots, black beans ("blacks"), uh-oh, no, cracker ("crack"), cookie (but usually refers to a cereal bar), hi, bye, more ("moe"), bird, spoon ("poon"), bus, owl, moon, bath, boat, up, down, clock ("cock" -- awesome, refers to analog clocks and watches), blocks, and five proper names -- Elmo and BooBoo, plus the names of three kids from daycare. He seemed to add nose yesterday as well.
  • If you ask him to show you your ear/eye/nose, he is quite adept as showing it. He can also name it if you point to it and ask what it is. Ask him to show you his ear/eye/nose, though, and he points to his ear. Every. Time. The doctor thought it was pretty funny.
  • Heartburn is coming back with a vengeance. I am starting to dread the late afternoon/early evening, as the heartburn comes on hard and fast and does not seem in any way connected to anything I eat or drink.
  • I am very much mentally done with work. I just don't want to be here anymore, both in the I'm-ready-for-leave-to-begin way and in the I-don't-want-to-come-back-post-leave way. I know I need to start planning for what I will do next, but am intimidated by the prospect.
  • P and I try always to be watching one TV show on Netflix, in addition to movie selections. We are now fully caught up on Dexter and are not sure what to watch next. We have a ton of shows (and movies) in our queue (are we the only people to have discovered that there's a maximum number of items you can have in your queue at once?), but we haven't picked anything definitive yet. Any suggestions? It needs to be something that would appeal to both of us (and that I can get him to at least try -- his tastes are more diverse than he gives himself credit for). Past winners have included: The Wire, Dexter, Alias and the Sopranos. We liked the first couple seasons of Nip/Tuck, then slogged through the rest. Neither one of us really got into Rescue Me, though we did abandon after only a few episodes. For a small sampler of current shows, we both love Lost, the Office and How I Met Your Mother and enjoy CSI (Las Vegas and New York, but NOT Miami), Numb3rs and NCIS. Possibilities (i.e. items in our queue) include: Flight of the Conchords, The Shield, Friday Night Lights (though P has voted no on that one in the past) and Weeds (we watched the first season when it was on and liked it but would need to start over since it's been a while). I would like to watch Brothers and Sisters, but P says no. Suggestions? Clearly this could have been a post :)


Katie said...

I recommend Breaking Bad. It is fast paced and enthralling on the one hand and has amazing character development on the other hand. Season three is starting on Sunday evening on AMC.

Mommy, Esq. said...

OMG you watch Numb3rs? Are you 60?! :) I highly recommend Battlestart Galactica. Not only is it awesome but it is done so you can watch the whole series.

maresi said...

Wow, go Harry!

I recommend Flight of the Conchords, The West Wing, and Castle. Hope you are hanging in there!

Danifred said...

That's a whole lotta words! Holy cow! Bean doesn't say nearly as many words as Tot did, so she has me a little concerned. I'm hoping for some language explosion.

We're more of an Office, Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Modern Family type of house... I wouldn't know a good drama if it knocked me upside the head!

Nicky said...

We overlap with you on a whole lot of shows, so my suggestions: Surely you watched "West Wing" when it was originally on, but if not, yes, rent it right away! And "Battlestar Galactica" (or, as it's known in our house, "West Wing in Space"). "Weeds" is good, although the first season was the best one. Oh, and "Big Love"! We adore "Big Love". Ooh, and "Sports Night" (excellent writing, critically acclaimed, but it only survived two seasons because Aaron Sorkin left to go do West Wing; you'll enjoy it for both sports and political reasons).

Funny, LL identifies facial features on other people, too, but always points to his own nose every single time. I also know that he has nowhere near 52 words, though now you've inspired me to go make a list in anticipation of his 18 month appointment on Monday. At least he's adding new words more quickly than he was a month ago.

Did I mention that he learned how to say "uh-oh!" just in time to say it to the police officer who was giving S a speeding ticket on Monday? Small vocabulary, but excellent comedic timing.

Beth said...

I like LOST (which has me totally lost but is in it's last season so there is hope ... I think!). And recently I've been watching Fast Forward and really liking it.

Ellemes said...

We haven't done anything but movies from Netflix. We should try that.

Heartburn is the worst; I hope that goes away soon for you.

Meghan said...

Mad Men!! We started watching it last year and I can't wait for season 3 to come out

And wow that's alot of words. I need to count up how many sweetness has