Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

  1. When I go places (e.g., the office cafeteria) where employees are forced to wear nametags, I feel as though calling them by their first name assumes a strange degree of familiarity with which I am not wholly comfortable, especially since I know it's not their choice to have me know their name. But then I feel like ignoring their nametag is rude, like I don't care that they have a name.
  2. After having no separation issues as an infant, Harry has cried each of the last two days when dropped at daycare. He's fine by the time we get outside (we can see him in the window), but it breaks my heart anyway.
  3. My degree of forgetfulness/absentmindedness is astonishing. If I was really busy at work, I could excuse it, but I'm not. I made my secretary scan the same document three times -- each time she sent me the scan, I saw some other section I'd forgotten to sign, signed it, and had her rescan. She must think I'm an idiot.
  4. Someone bought our friends their highchairs. Not the highest priority items, but it shows that people are in fact still shopping and using the registry when doing so.
  5. Bob Duallie v. Bumbleride Indie Twin? Because of the huge hills and crappy sidewalks in our neighborhood, we need the air tires, which limits our options when it comes to double strollers. And the reviews I've read of the Baby Jogger carseat attachment are very discouraging. Leaving us with those two options, for the most part. We're still hoping to find one or the other used, but may otherwise be hoping for sales and/or coupons.
  6. GD screen coming up on Tuesday. I really hope I don't have the beetus. I enjoy ice cream and frozen yogurt too much.
  7. On the subject of leftovers, we didn't do a real grocery trip this week, instead only buying what we needed for Harry, figuring we'd eat the leftover baked ziti, chicken noodle casserole, and Chinese food we had in the fridge this week. Except now we're low on leftovers. What the heck are we going to have for dinner?

Go visit Danifred to sample some more leftovers.


Photogrl said...

I agree with you on the nametag thing, I never feel right using their name, either.

Glad to see someone bought the highchairs!

Ellemes said...

I sorry that your little guy gets upset when you leave him. That has to be rough.

I hope your screen goes well!

HereWeGoAJen said...

Leftovers on leftovers, very creative! ;)

I lived in Texas, I don't say the name on the nametag, I say maam or sir. It kind of breaks through both of those problems.

Katie said...

Gah, the whole stroller thing is driving me nuts, too! I am just looking for either the Bob or Bumbleride on craigslist and figure which ever one I find first for a good price will be IT! How's that for making up my mind?

I am sorry for the separation anxiety. That is no fun. We have gone through a lot of that with Will and he just NOW seems to be getting better. It's tough, but it is a phase, and it should pass soon (fingers crossed and HUGS to you in the meantime, 'cause it's HARD).

Nicky said...

Separation anxiety is the WORST. For us, it comes and goes randomly, but it always makes me feel bad. Even though I know that he's having a ton of fun without me 30 seconds later.

And I never use the names on the nametags. It always feels awkward.

Elizabeth said...

I just found your blog through Manda and had to chime in to say - you 100 PERCENT absolutely want the Bob. BEST STROLLER EVER. We had the Bumble Ride and hated it so much we got rid of it at two months.