Friday, January 9, 2009

I Think He Reads This Blog

Mr, No Naps took two naps yesterday, the first on me (right after I posted my last post), the second in his swing, for a total of nearly 4 hours of naps. He napped again this morning when I put him in the swing so I could take a shower. (Ah, showers, how little I appreciated them before Harry. I will never take them for granted again). And this is him now:

(That is Harry, asleep in the wrap. Sorry for the quality -- taken with the camera phone, and I was due for my "new every two" two years ago but actually like my phone with its super long battery life.)

I'll take what I can get for naps at this point. He's been so much more pleasant!


Jen said...

Elizabeth falls asleep in the wrap too, almost instantly. I am planning on wearing it when we go out to dinner tonight.

Nicky said...

Ah, yes. Wearing the baby to get him to nap. When LL refuses to nap, we shake our head and say, "Okay, time to get out the Big Guns!" and we pop him into the sling. Works every time.

Glad he's more well-rested now!

Photogrl said...

Glad to hear he's taking a few naps!

Yay for the shower, too!

docgrumbles said...

Good for Harry!

Mommy, Esq. said...

My kids never really got into the wrap despite trying to use it a lot. Ned has become the king of 1 hr and 45 min naps which is okay but really, I'd love one nap that is at least 2 hrs. Can't wait to catch up tomorrow. I'm going to try to bake some muffins to bring.