Monday, August 4, 2008

Back from Vacation

I feel like I have a lot to say, but I don't have a ton of time to say much of anything right now. So I'll keep it brief.
  1. New belly shot, from this morning (34w1d). I have definitely gotten much bigger. Eek.
  2. We got back from vacation last night. The weather wasn't the best we've ever had. This was especially frustrating since we were away for two weeks, in two different places, and had cloudy and/or rainy weather for chunks of each week. That said, we also had sunny, nice days each week, which was great. I sailed, swam, read a lot, ate too much. All in all, a fantastic two weeks off.
  3. While away, the swelling in my feet went way down. My hands started to swell again over the last couple of days of the trip, but my feet stayed normally proportioned until today. Apparently it's work that's doing it. I feel very swollen again already, which sucks.
  4. Baby shower is this weekend. I hope people come. And I hope it doesn't suck. Not much has been bought off our registries (yes, we have two -- BRU and a cloth diaper one), which makes me a little nervous that maybe no one is coming.
  5. I failed to mention it before I left, but when I went to schedule what should be my last doctor's appointments while at the office for my most recent one, a bit of confusion arose. They scheduled appointments for September 2 and 9, then stopped (I had already been scheduled through August). I asked what would happen if I went late. She gave me an odd look. I gave her an odd look. She looked at my chart again. Then her eyes widened. Apparently, my chart had three different due dates on it. I've been proceeding along with the 9/14 date that corresponds with my LMP and ovulation dates, as well as with my 6 and 9 week ultrasounds. Normally, when you measure ahead at a later ultrasound, they usually just note the measurement, but in my case someone actually added an additional due date to my record, one after the baby measured 6 days ahead at the NT scan, and one after the baby measured 9 days ahead at my 18 week ultrasound. (I hadn't even been aware the baby was measuring so far ahead at either.) My chart showed me as due 9/5, using the soonest date in the record. Yikes. I asked her to change it back to 9/14. She complied. It's the more accurate date anyway, plus if anything went awry (like, say, labor) at my dad's wedding in 2 weeks, my insurance would not cover any medical care out of state if I was past 37 weeks (according to the terms of my policy), which I would be with a 9/5 due date, but not with a 9/14 due date. It seems a bit silly, but I am not taking any chances.
More later on such exciting topics as: breastfeeding "class", additional rude comments made by people regarding my apparently grotestque size, and the horrible (but not pregnancy-related) thing that happened on our drive home.


Meghan said...

You look fantastic!! That's really all belly right there. Me, I look like I;m carrying twins and one of them is in my ass!

Bummer about the rain on vacay. Glad you guys had a good time anyway.

mo*reezy said...

I'm so glad you're back safe and sound. And duh, you look great. What could possess people to remark on your size other than it's normal for your state of pregnancy? Geez.

I'm glad we still share an official due date! (Even though I know it's an early date for me.) I can't wait until we're sharing news of our births.

Nicky said...

You look great! Totally ignore the comments.

Re: gifts from registry -- almost no one who came to my shower bought stuff off my registry. Almost everyone bought clothes, books, and toys that they picked out themselves. All the practical registry stuff we bought for ourselves after the shower was over.