Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

I've been a horrific, absentee blogger for ages and hope jumping in with Danifred and company will help get me out of this rut.
  • Thanks for all the suggestions on the sippy cup dilemma. We tried a lot of them. Collectively, they worked. Spitting stopped. Hooray! Now we just need to deal with the depositing of food over the side of the tray (soooo glad we have a dog).
  • Many people have posted on the subject of double strollers, and we have read those posts and comments and have gotten tons of advice from people IRL and on Facebook, but I'm still overwhelmed by having to think about it. We need something that we will be able to push without great difficulty up hills and over rough terrain (our neighborhood is hilly and has crappy sidewalks). But I also want something that I can snap an infant seat into. And Harry will be too young for a jumpseat. We end up with a bunch of expensive choices. And nothing good seems to come up on Craigslist around here. I've been thinking about biting the bullet and buying the Duallie using the 20% off coupon I just got from BRU (which I think can be used on the Bob). But I'm having paralysis issues.
  • I hate the Dominos "puffery" ad because it's weird and makes no sense (I'm tempted to drone on about this, but no one cares). I also hate that ad because it makes me want pizza.
  • I think Harry has been sick since late August. It's been one cold or another, one after another, with a stomach bug throw in for good measure. The doctor said as long as he gets better between, it's fine. But his most recent "better" stints have been 2-4 days each. Is that really better?
  • Work was completely crazy in January, but now I'm back to having nothing to do. I've been trying to take advantage of the time, though, doing a little genealogy work, which I've been neglecting for a long time, and trying to relax a bit. I'm guessing I'll get fired at my review in May in the days leading up to maternity leave. Awesome.
  • With Harry, my placenta was in the front, so I didn't feel much for a long time. This time, it's in the back, and this child is crazy active. What is going on in there?
  • All of a sudden, Harry has a lot to say. I'm just not always sure what it is.


Katie said...

Welcome back! I missed you!!!

Yeah, the puffery commercial drives me nuts, too.

I am also considering the Bob Duallie, but also the Bumbleride Indie Twin or the Baby Jogger City Elite. All three can have the car seat, the Bob is the biggest, the Indie Twin is the narrowest and seems to have the best features, and he Baby Jogger City Elite folds like a dream. They are all spendy, though, so I keep haunting craigslist for them. Good luck choosing yours! It's a big decision.

Are you finding out what this baby is?

Danifred said...

Horray for playing with us! So happy to see you :)

The commercial that makes me crazy is the McDonalds Filet-O-Fish commercial because it sticks in my head for days and days and days.

I'm with Katie- are you finding out the gender this time around?

HereWeGoAJen said...

I think Elizabeth throws the food over BECAUSE we have a dog. It's kind of a tricky situation. I've started not giving her any more of whatever she throws over, and that is kind of working. Slowly.

Jules said...

Curious what sippy cup worked - we're 0 for 3 so far.

We live at the bottom of a crazy hill / no sidewalks - we have a Baby Jogger city mini double as didn't want any extra weight of an infant seat or anything (it reclines all the way) So far like it a lot (haha if you're in need of another review)

Ellemes said...

Double strollers scare me...and I only have one kid. Just seeing people try to maneuver them makes me worry about ever having to use them.

Chrystal said...

We are on our fifth sippy cups. Which worked for you? Double strollers always look so big. Can't they make a cute small one?

Nicky said...

For throwing food over the side: the MOMENT it looks like LL is about to throw food, we put out our hand and ask him to give it to us. It works... 60% of the time? Maybe 70%? But it's getting better, and there are days when no food ends up on the floor. (And, of course, there are still days when ALL the food ends up on the floor, so your mileage may vary.)

Though, we don't have a dog, so throwing food was never as much fun at our house as it probably is at yours. :)

niobe said...

I guess it's looking quite possible that I may also be needing a double stroller. Which is so unfreakingbelievable that I haven't even begun to contemplate which type I should be getting.