Sunday, August 2, 2009

What A Difference Two Weeks Makes

In the past two weeks, Harry has:
  • mastered crawling (though on hands, one knee and the other foot)
  • mastered getting himself seated
  • mastered pulling up on stuff
  • begun cruising
  • (as a result of those four items, he now requires rocking to sleep at least 75% of the time or he wails and wails until we go in and find him sitting up in his crib crying, holding his arms out to be picked back up)
  • (also as a result of those four items, he now requires singing in order to have his diaper changed or he either crawls off or cries if you try to prevent the crawling through some form of baby-wrangling)
  • mastered walking while holding on to hands (purposeful, quick walking as opposed to thudding, haphazard steps, which he started a while back). He is also able to sit back down and to let go with one hand to bend over and pick up a toy (or piece of lint or old food).
  • been to his second foreign country -- he has now been to more non-U.S. countries than his aunt and uncle combined
  • pulled his first all-nighter (well, up from 11:30 on -- he did sleep 3.5 hours to start the night)
  • begun nursing strike number 2 (which I am now fairly confident is stemming from the return of my monthly cycle. Each strike has begun in the week and a half leading up to a (one-day) period, with the last one ending the day the period began/occurred. If that's the case again, I can live with it. My supply seems to nosedive during that week+ (or I stop responding to the pump) and it takes ages to get a letdown then, so I think he's impatient. At least the biting is less bad this time. Mainly he just gives up. Though he gave me the worst bite yet last week, bad enough that I ached for days afterward.)
  • been on his first boat ride
  • gone swimming in a lake
  • learned how to throw tennis balls for the dog
  • taken his first bath in the big tub
  • begun waving
I am exhausted. (The fact that the aforementioned all-nighter was two nights ago, and last night we drove all night on our way back from vacation so as to avoid ten hours in the car with him awake is partly to blame for that.)

This unwilling-to-go-down-easily-or-have-a-diaper-change thing ends at some point, right?


Jen said...

Oh, wow, he has been busy!

Mommy, Esq. said...

Buys couple of weeks, huh? So, same problem with Ned. Two things I do:

1. I change his diaper letting him stand up. No joke - only struggle is if it is a poopy diaper.

2. I ignore him in the crib. If he falls asleep standing up so be it. Usually he just sits himself down and then lies down. I strongly, strongly recommend CIO again - we did it.

Now we are dealing with frustrated cries part II since Penny wants to join Ned but refuses to spend any time on her tummy. I purposefully put things out of her reach and let her struggle. This isn't something we can do for them, you know what I mean.

Good luck!

Photogrl said...

What accomplishments!

I hope that he starts going down easily again for you, and you get caught up on some much needed rest.

Nicky said...

Wow. Go Harry! LL has only ever done the last of those two -- the bath and the waving. Everything else, we're still waiting on. Two weeks, huh?