Friday, June 26, 2009

Uninteresting Update

Harry's nine month appointment was last week. He has really grown a lot -- blowing out of the percentiles (18th for weight, 75th for length, 50th for head circumference) he had been in since he was a month old. As of last Thursday, he weighed in at 21 pounds 6 ounces (which was Ps guess on the nose -- impressive), which is the 62nd percentile. And he was 29.75 inches long (85th percentile) with a head in the 95th percentile (I don't think they told us the measurement). Oddly, though he does feel a lot heavier, I would not have guessed that his head had grown that much.

There's honestly not a lot new with us. Harry continues to try to crawl with no real success. he has been on hands and knees for over two months. This week he seems to have perfected lifting one arm without toppling while on hands and knees. He also loves standing and has mastered the one-arm hold. He doesn't do much step-taking, though. He is capable of pulling to stand but has yet to realize that he can do it whenever and wherever he wants. Perhaps if he realizes he can take steps and cruise, it will become more appealing. For now, he just yells until you offer fingers for him to use to pull up. To be honest, he yells a lot these days. Not crying. Not whining. Yelling. Very. Loud. Yelling.

There were layoffs at Ps work, but P was unaffected (though, sadly, Miss M's -- Harry's daycare provider -- husband was not so fortunate). Miss M is on vacation right now, so Harry has been at backup daycare at my office. He has not been drinking his bottles (he usually takes 18 ounces during 9 hours of daycare; they got him to take 6 ounces on Wednesday and 6 on Thursday, though I ended up going down to nurse on Thursday post-lunch so he wouldn't end up hungry and dehydrated) or napping well. It has not affected his mood much, but it stresses me out anyway. And the poor napping has left him overtired, giving him a hard time falling asleep at night, playing for a lot longer than usual before drifting off, adding to the sleep deficit.

My work is about the same. Plugging away. Trying to get enough work and make a positive name for myself in order to avoid what I can only assume will be another round of "performance-based terminations" in the late fall/early winter.

Lacking anything further to say, I offer a picture of Harry -- one of my favorites, as I think his bedhead look is cute:


Nicky said...

Harry and LL seem to be following the exact same physical development track. Crawling? Nope. Pulling up? Only with help. Insists to be helped to standing by someone else? All the time. And the yelling! Goodness gracious, the yelling....

Oh, and 6 ounces during the day is about average for LL. He'll occasionally do 15, but then the next day he'll eat only 4. We're officially Not Worrying About It. He seems to be too busy to be bothered with eating.

Jen said...

If he can lift one arm while on hands and knees, that sounds like yoga to me. He's very advanced. :)

Mommy, Esq. said...

Ned was 19 lbs and 3 ounces at his 9 month and they told me he was the 30%. How does Harry weigh 2 lbs more and be in the 18th? Totally a cutie!

Anonymous said...


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Shinyung said...

What an adorable photo. I can't believe he's 9 months already. He's a very handsome little boy...